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HoosierNet, Inc.

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HoosierNet is a local not-for-profit Internet Service Provider in Bloomington that has existed since 1995. They provide internet access through dial-up, ISDN, or DSL, T1 lines, website hosting, free public email accounts and websites for those living, working or going to school in the local calling area, and mailing lists. They are also the current maintainer of the domain, which they use as their website address. Their website also has a directory of community links and information.

Their logo consists of the words HoosierNet, with the i replaced by an image of state of Indiana (a star shows Bloomington's location) with a basketball to "dot" the i. They maintain an office on the third floor of the Monroe County Public Library.

HoosierNet will cease offering Internet services on September 1, 2006. Executive Director David Ernst announced that, "Kiva Networking and HoosierNet (with cooperation from the City of Bloomington) have reached an agreement whereby Kiva will continue Internet services for HoosierNet's active customers. This includes all web sites and email addresses within the domain, as well as DSL, Dialup, ISDN, web hosting, and most every other service presently offered by HoosierNet."

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