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Grant Street Inn

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The Grant Street Inn is a large bed and breakfast hotel on the corner of Grant Street and 7th Street. There are several rooms to accomodate multiple guests. It is a CFC Incorporated property.

The building is a combination of two older buildings, the Gilstrap House and the Ziegler House. The Gilstrap House was built on the current location, but the Ziegler House was originally built by William P. Rogers around 1883 at the corner of 7th and Lincoln Street. Subsequent owners included William Graham and William Showers before Charles Ziegler, who purchased the house in 1944.

After Ziegler's death in 1987, the property went to the First Presbyterian Church next door, which made plans to demolish it for an expansion in 1990. At that point CFC and Bloomington Restorations stepped in and moved the house to its current location.

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