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Global Research NOC

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24x7x365 Global Research NOC Watchdesk

The Indiana University Global Research Network Operations Center (GRNOC) provides network design and monitoring services to most of the major US Research and Education (R&E) networks. The GRNOC is comprised of two major components, engineering and the operations center. The engineering staff has support and design responsibilities to GRNOC managed networks, while the operations center provides 24x7 monitoring and call center responsibilities. Engineering is staffed betwee 8 and 5 on the weekdays, but provides after hours support on a rotational basis.


The heart of the GRNOC is housed at IUPUI in the ICTC bulding. It houses the 24x7x365 call center that's staffed by NOC operations staff. There is also a smaller group of engineers near the NOC in the same building. The bulk of the engineering staff is housed in Bloomington at the Communications Services Building at 10th Street and the 45/46 Bypass. The two engineering groups are kept in constant contact through a constant HDTV video teleconference stream between campuses.

Networks Managed

Network Engineers



  • Grover Browning
  • Caroline Carver
  • Jay Duncan
  • Tom Johnson


  • Caren Litvanyi (Vancouver, BC)

System Engineers



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