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Fiddle 'n' Feet

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Fiddle 'n' Feet, with expanded instrument section, clogs for people at the Farmer's Market in Bloomington.


Fiddle 'n' Feet perform and teach traditional music and dance from North America and the Celtic countries. Some folks would describe that as the music and dance of America's pioneers. Their music and songs range from Irish to Old Time to French Canadian. In performance, they showcase a variety of stepdance styles, from American clogging to English wooden shoe clogging to French Canadian reels and waltzes. While some of the material dates back to the 1800s, much of it is composed or choreographed in the last decade.

The members are: Tamara Loewenthal (feet) and Jamie Gans (fiddle).

Contact Information

922 1/2 W. 7th Street
Bloomington, Indiana 47404