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Ellettsville is a town in Monroe County with roughly 6400 residents, making it the second most populous area in Monroe County. Ellettsville is one of the three municipalities in Monroe County (the others are Bloomington and Stinesville). It was founded in 1837. It is located northwest of Bloomington on Highway 46 and is part of the Bloomington Metro Area for population demographic purposes. Named for settler Edward Ellett, the town made its mark from the bed of Salem Limestone beneath it, which attracted many quarriers and eventually a railroad. The Bybee Stone Company still quarries stone in the area.

Community Features

The annual Monroe County Fall Festival is home in Ellettsville.

The Public Library has a nice branch in Ellettsville, with a newly renovated children's section. Books and media can be checked out and returned to either public library branch interchangeably.

Edgewood High School serves all Ellettsville students.

Major Events

  • In 1884 and 1886 there were two major fires in Ellettsville. One was when blasting powder at a stone mill ignited, sending shrapnel everywhere and even killing one of the Matthews family members. Another fire destroyed many of the businesses in town.

Local Businesses

Many businesses in Ellettsville are listed in the Businesses article. Several businesses are located in the Eagles Landing Mall, formerly an elementary school building.

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