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Dunn Street

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(NOTE: This article is about South Dunn Street itself. For other uses of Dunn Street, go here.)

Dunn Street is a north-south road in Bloomington that is split into three sections. It is most likely named after the Dunn Family or someone in that family.


The first section starts at Old State Road 37 next to the dam for Griffy Lake up a very steep hill, intersecting with State Road 46, running up a hill next to the west end of the IU Sports Complex and crossing 17th Street and ending at the railroad tracks at a corner with 13th Street.

The second section is a one way street going south that starts just on the other side of the railroad tracks near 12th Street. It crosses through the Kirkwood Avenue area and over 3rd Street where it shifts slightly to the west before ending at 2nd Street.

The third section starts at Wylie Street and goes to Grimes Lane where it continues into the new South Dunn Street housing development. The road finally ends at Hillside Drive.

Businesses on Dunn