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Dunn Cemetery

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Dunn Cemetery is the cemetery directly east of the IMU and next to Beck Chapel. It is nick named "God's Little Acre." The cemetery existed prior to the university buildings and the university does not own it.

A deed in the office of the IU Director of Ground Services apparently says that George G. Dunn granted these private burial grounds to descendants of Eleanor Dunn, Nancy Alexander and Jane Irwin (the Brewster Sisters). When the University bought parts of the Dunn family's farmland, it was required to build around the cemetery.

New burials in the cemetery are very rare. Marilyn Seward Warden was buried there in 2004. Hunter Wroblewski was buried there in 2017.

Although one newspaper article claims a stone still standing, that of 17-year-old Jennet Seward (Steward?), was erected in 1814, other sources say the first burial was an infant of Austin Seward who was interred in 1832.

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