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Common Room Games

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Common Room Games
Open Date: 2012
Address: 223 S. Pete Ellis Dr., Ste. 23

Bloomington, IN

Phone: (812) 333-GAME (4263)
Owner(s): Phil Eskew
Manager(s): Phil Eskew
Hours: Noon-10pm Sun-Fri; Noon-6pm on Sat
Closed Christmas and Thanksgiving.


Store front

The Common Room strives to be the gamers' game store. They stock the best in collectible card games, roleplaying games, miniature-based games, board games, and gaming supplies. They also boast the finest gaming rooms in town and offer two private gaming rooms and a common area for open and tournament gaming. In addition, their games club and library give you ready access to many of the most popular tabletop games in the industry.

Facilities and Events

Located at the north end of the Williamsburg Center shopping center on the eastside of Bloomington, the Common Room hosts daily casual and organized play events, including Pathfinder Society, Dungeons & Dragons Expeditions, Magic: The Gathering constructed and sealed events, Dice Masters organized play, FFG living card games nights, and casual board gaming. The private gaming rooms are ideal for tabletop roleplaying and miniature-based games. The larger room includes a 52 x 104 inch table complete with a Chessex wet-erase battlemap of the same dimensions and a 4 x 8 foot magnetic white board. The public gaming area is open at any time for customers seeking to bring in their own game or to play one of the games in the store's game library. Food and drink are allowed in the gaming areas. See the store's website for a complete list of organized and casual gaming nights, special events, demos, and additional details on the store's gaming rooms and games library (including a complete list of all games in the library).

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