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Chesire Café

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The Cheshire Café is a small coffee shop located on the ground level of Edmondson Hall in Collins Living Learning Center. The shop is run by Collins residents, and because it survives as an entity entirely separate from Residential Programs and Services (RPS), it does not accept meal points, despite being located within a dorm.

The Chesire Café was initially created as a Q-Project conjured up by a few Collinsites in the form of a coffee stand in the lounge that is now referred to as the "Coffeehouse." In the years following the original project, it evolved through the work of consecutive groups of students, eventually evolving into the form it has taken now. The room that now houses the "Chesh," as it's often referred to by residents, was originally the CLLC's RPS C-Store (RPS-owned convenience store). Collins no longer has a "real" C-Store, though it does offer many of the same goods in the deli line of its Edmondson Traditional Dining Hall.

The Cheshire Café was originally opened in its current space and named in keeping with its opening year's Welcome Week theme-Alice in Wonderland.

The Chesh is open from 8PM to midnight every night of the week during the school year and serves an array of hot and cold beverages as well as brownies, cookies, and cinnamon rolls. The resident employees take turns creating and deciding upon the specials for the week/month.

Resident art exhibitions are routinely held within the space, typically displaying primarily 2D works such as paintings and photos.

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