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Cathy and David Photography

From Bloomingpedia

Cathy and David are a husband and wife photography team living in Bloomington. They are available to shoot weddings just about anywhere from Bloomington, Indy, Chicago and beyond! They are both 27 (but often mistaken to be in their early 20's) and Purdue alumni (somehow living in IU country!), which is where they met and were married in May 2007, spending their Honeymoon at DisneyWorld. There own wedding photographers encouraged them to start their wedding photography business and so they did, and would never do anything else again! They’ve both been playing with cameras since before they can remember and absolutely LOVE what they do.

They also have a small cat by the name of Charlotte-Anne (Charlie or Chuck for short). Their other loves include films, novels, japanese animation, video games, food food food, and eachother. They love to travel, see the world, and capture it in their lenses. They are currently planning their return trip to Disney of January of 2011 …there are a lot of things they love. Cathy and David believe that as a team they can capture every moment of the day and never shoot alone.

Fun Facts

  • Cathy and David's wedding photographers were Bobbi+Mike out of Indianapolis, still one of their favorites too.
  • Cathy and David's favorite photographers are Ben Chrisman, Paul Johnson, The Lyons, Jose Villa and Kellie Kano.
  • Cathy and David shoot on D-SLR Canon 5D Markii's. They have a pair of 40D's as backups.
  • David originally wanted to be a paleontologist, and Cat wanted to be an Astronaut.
  • Cathy and David got BA's in Visual Communications Design from Purdue University and minors in Creative Writing.
  • Cathy and David both took photography courses for fun in college but never envisioned that it would be their future careers.
  • Their website was designed and put together by them.
  • Cathy and David are Christians and attend Evangelical Community Church when they aren't shooting weddings!
  • Cathy and David photographed for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in Indianapolis.
  • Cathy's favorite movie is The Royal Tennenbaums
  • David's favorite movie is Casablanca.
  • Cathy and David were featured photographers on The [b] School and online community for photographers
  • Cathy and David's photography business is their full time jobs.

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