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I grew up in Blmgtn in 70s and 80s. You are missing some of my favorite (but long gone) establishments. I still have relatives in town. When visiting and asked where I would like to go eat, I love to suggest these restaurants that are now history (sometimes for more than twenty years). I'll sadly have to add Ladyman's to my list of canned answers. :(

Aladdin's Castle (arcade in College Mall across from Radio Shack)

Spaceport (southwest corner of Indiana Ave. and Kirkwood Ave; arcade)

Taco Burger (between College and Walnut; north of the RR tracks; later a Jiffy Treat)

Burger King (north of above Taco Burger)

Big Wheel

Pancho's Villa (I still miss their bean dip)

Gold Rush

Howard Johnson's

Bruce's (5th St., near Rose Hill Cemetery)

Gibb & Denzils (sp?, southside)

Also, while not a favorite: Westinghouse. Can you say PCBs?

TheRammer 18:57, 15 January 2007 (EST)

Additional Closed Businesses

I'm a long time resident, on and off from 1969 thru 2008. I even lived for a year in an upstairs room in the house behind what was then Jiffy-treet, between Nick's and the store fronts on the ground floor of the OTHER remaining house, Cha-Chas and Greetings/ Of course the storefront and the house are now history.

I'd like to see somebody comment on Wyatt's Cafe near the SW corner of Dunn & Kirkwood. The current DunnKirk square building is there now... Then, there was Tom Pickett's Guitar Shop, and the Vienna Dog House, where the Village Deli is now. I don't know the years. In the back corner of Dunn-Kirk Square on the ground floor was first the Two-Bit Rush, and then the Gathering Place.

I am attempting to reconstruct the Kirkwood block between Grant & Dunn, between April 1969 & April 1970. Any help would be appreciated.

Does anybody remember the THING, where Bloomington Bagel Company is now? Plus, What is the history of the building and it's store fronts where People's Park is now...

Jesse Slokum -- Busker4FREEDOM