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Open Date: late 1970s
Address: 201 S. College Ave.

Bloomington, IN 47401-5179

Phone: (812) ???
Owner(s): Phil Rhoades
Manager(s): {{{manager}}}
Hours: ???
Website: ???

Bullwinkle's was a nightclub located in the basement of the 113 W. 4th Street building on the southeastern corner of College Avenue and 4th Street. The clientele was primarily GLBT, though it was frequented by people of all sexual preferences. It was commonly referred to as "Bull's".


Bullwinkle's was housed in the former Loyal Order of Moose Hall at 201 S. College Ave. The name "Bullwinkle's" was a reference to the moose in the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon. It was opened in the late 1970s when a good portion of the bartenders were members of the Indiana University swim team. In the early years, it used the empty space upstairs for frequent drag shows, then later on a number of punk and new wave concerts by Bob Reichert or Gary X Indiana (see Second Story entry). In 1981 that space was reshaped into Second Story by Bullwinkle's owner, Phil Rhoades and two former Bullwinkle's DJ's, Mike Dommermuth and Lee Williams. When Second Story closed its doors for a brief period in 2003, Bullwinkle's drag shows returned to the original Second Story space. Both Second Story and Bullwinkle's closed in November 2006.


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