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Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

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Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar is a restaurant and bar that specializes in buffalo wings and sports entertainment. It is a national chain that has a franchise at 1350 W Bloomfield Rd in Bloomington.

Personal experiences

  • I can't speak for the whole chain, but I've had a bad experience with the Bloomington store. The last 5 times I've ordered something to go, they get at least one thing wrong. The last time I placed an order and they got the order wrong, then when they fixed it, they gave me half as many wings as I paid for, even though they had written the right number on the box. When I drove back to have my order fixed, they acted as if I was at fault and the manager didn't seem phased by it. I'm no longer going to patronize them. I've heard of other people having similar experiences. -- Mark 22:22, 27 January 2008 (EST)

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