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Brian Haberer

From Bloomingpedia

Brian is an ex Bloomington resident. More up to date information can be found on his own wiki, but for the sake of wiki completeness he updates this entry as well.

Quick Bio

Brian was born in Colorado, but moved to Indiana in the mid-eighties when his father got transfered to Evansville. He attended school in Evansville, and graduated from Harrison High School in 2000. After graduation he moved to Bloomington where he attended classes for a couple years before dropping out to pursue a career at UITS.


Brian currently works for Rupture a web development division of Electronic Arts in San Francisco, CA.

Brian used to work for Indiana University, as part of both WCC-Operations and USSG (part of UITS). However with the dissolution of the USSG in the 2007 UITS Reorganization, he sought other employment. He left IU after close to seven years of employment.

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