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Bobby Knight's firing

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Bobby Knight was fired as head coach of the IU Men's Basketball team on September 10th, 2000. He was fired by then president of Indiana University, Myles Brand, for violating his zero-tolerance policy on Knight. The final straw was when student Kent Harvey saw Bobby Knight at Assembly Hall while picking up football tickets on Thursday afternoon, September 7, 2000 and said to Knight "Hey, what's up, Knight?". Knight confronted the student, allegedly grabbing his arm and berating him for not showing proper respect.


  • Several protests, later known as the Knight Riots, started on September 11th, 2000 after the news spread that Knight had been fired.

News media

The event made worldwide media and was in the news for several weeks.

  • A news helicopter hovered over campus close to the IMU for close to an hour on the day of his firing.

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