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Bloomington United Soccer School

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Bloomington United Soccer School or BUSS is a soccer school. It was opened in November of 2002 by owner Tommy Berry. Before BUSS was opened, Tommy Berry conducted skill training sessions for Bloomington Cutters Soccer Club and for high school players on gym floors. During the two years Berry did this, he realized that there was a market that could support a business based on this concept.


BUSS Tactics

BUSS provides a safe and enjoyable environment for players ages 5 to 18 to polish their skills and learn how to make smart decisions while playing. BUSS is the only business in Bloomington that provides this type of service during the winter months. Playing the small sided soccer (5 vs. 5) without walls provides a similar version to the normal size playing except simplified. The small sided game play makes it easier for players to understand the game and make proper decisions in the game which is easily compared to the big field (11 vs. 11). Players touch the ball many more times in the smaller game and see some game scenarios many more times than they would on the big field. This style of play helps develop ball skills and decision making more rapidly than normal when playing for a team on the normal sized fields.

Use for Adults

The facility is also used for adults to come and play pick-up soccer with friends. It is a great time to get in shape and have fun. For more information call the number listed below.

Training Types

There are different types of training. BUSS offers private training which ranges from 1 on 1 to small groups. These private trainings are more focused on you as a player, to develop your all around skills, which you receive more 1 on 1 time. There is also group training which consists of groups around 9 people. These classes still work your foot skills but incorporate team play and smart decision making skills also. Classes are typically taught by Coach Tommy Berry or another prestigious coach that have many years of experience with soccer.


To sign up for classes, you can go online to the BUSS website (, or call 812-323-2877. BUSS is located at 2115 S Yost Avenue, Bloomington, Indiana 47401. Any soccer coaches interested in working at BUSS should call the number above or contact Tommy Berry at


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