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Bloomington Startup Weekend

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November 18th through November 20th, 2011, a group of people will get together and attempt to create an entire company over the course of 54 hours in the Bloomington Startup Weekend. They will start by pitching ideas for a product, then building a team ( by the end of the first evening) to create the product. Saturday and Sunday are dedicated to putting that idea into practice, with a product competition by Sunday evening. The new startup company can be a website, an application, or some other form of product or service.

How it Works

For three days in November, interested people will gather at the Student Commons, IVY Tech Community College Bloom1ngton, to create a new startup business from scratch. The founders will share in the ownership of the company, earning those shares by contributing to the conception, development and launch of a new product or service.

The 54-hour event runs from Friday, November 18 at 5p Eastern until Sunday, November 20 at 9p. Each participant is asked to pay a "buy-in" fee with early registration being less than those 30 days prior to the show. Students will pay a reduced price up to the Friday kick off time.

Lots of help will be available

The organizers want you to succeed so there will Mentors available though out the weekend to help you with technical details your team members are unable to help with. Mentors will help with legal advice, engineering drawings, financial considerations and more.

Complete details are available at or on the Facebook group Bloomington Startup Weekend


The Bloomington Startup Weekend is one of a series of similar weekends taking place around the country due to the efforts of an umbrella company just called Startup Weekend. The first Bloomington event was the second scheduled weekend of 2008, following the January 25th through January 27th event in Seattle, and the fifteenth Startup Weekend since the idea was conceived in July, 2007. The School of Informatics was the driving force behind the 2008 Bloomington edition of the weekend, particularly graduate student Kevin Makice. The 2011 version has shifted to IVY Tech Community College, due to the vision of the Gayle & Bill Cook Center for Entrepreneurship.

The first weekend was created by Andrew Hyde for Boulder, Colorado with 72 local programmers, business experts, venture capitalists, marketing gurus, lawyers, designers and others contributing to the launch of VoSnap. New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, and West Lafayette are among the cities hosting Startup Weekend events.

  1. VoSnap | Boulder (July 6-8, 2007)
  2. LobbyThem | Toronto (September 14-16, 2007)
  3. Edelbild | Hamburg, Germany (September 21-23, 2007)
  4. FavorEats | New York, NY (September 21-23, 2007)
  5. TipDish | Houston (September 28-30, 2007)
  6. ScrollTalk | West Lafayette (October 12-14th, 2007)
  7. DeskHappy | Boston (October 19-21, 2007)
  8. Hola Neighbor! | Washington, D.C. (October 26-28, 2007)
  9. WorkPerch | Chapel Hill, N.C. (November 2-4, 2007)
  10. SkribIt | Atlanta (November 9-11, 2007)
  11. Help Hookup | San Francisco (November 16-18, 2007)
  12. aLittleBitBetter | London (November 30-December 2, 2007)
  13. Frenemies | Los Angeles (December 14-16, 2007)
  14. Seattle (January 25-27, 2008)
  15. Bloomington (February 8-10, 2008)

Every weekend has a facilitator that is approved by Startup Weekend, LLC.