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Bloomington Renaissance Faire

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Directions to merriment at the 2007 Faire.
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The First Annual Bloomington Renaissance Faire was held on Saturday, April 15th, 2006.

The event usually features fire eaters, belly dancers, magicians, jugglers, comedians and live re-enactments of medieval and renaissance combat. Food includes garlic herb roasted turkey legs provided by the Runcible Spoon. There were free juggling lessons from the IU Juggling Club. The event was scheduled to feature live demonstrations of renaissance era falconry in 2006, however the hot weather prevented the birds from being flown.

The event boasts free admission for everyone. The faire usually takes place in Dunn Meadow (near the Indiana Memorial Union). The faire has 4 running stages, a large historical reenactment area (including a blacksmith and a combat area), a somewhat less historical but equally large marketplace area (handmade jewelry, children's toys, leather goods, tarot, henna, etc, etc...), and a variety of other interesting attractions.

In 1991 two earlier Renaissance Faires were held. In the spring, Marcia Davis and Jane Weiser organized an event at Pic-A-Chic Farms, while that fall the Indiana University Union Board sponsored another Renaissance Faire in Dunn Meadow.

This shouldn't be confused with smaller, but similar events put on in the past by the Society for Creative Anachronism.



  • Mother Henna & Father Tarot
  • Swords of Honor
  • Gothic Edge
  • Knight and Dragon
  • Frippery
  • T. W. Williams Fine Arts
  • Geoworld
  • Thwack Ugh Enterprises
  • SpellCraft Beads
  • Storyteller's / Escapades
  • Turkuaz Cafe
  • Tangent Creations
  • Solomon's Creations
  • Silentfire's Goods and Sundry
  • Amahli's Bazaar
  • Hedwig's Corner
  • Indigo's Face Painting
  • Nine Dragon
  • Amber Hammer Creations
  • Wizard's Emporium
  • IU Juggling Club

Images from the Faire

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