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City of Bloomington, Indiana
Official seal of City of Bloomington, Indiana
City seal
City nickname: "B-town"
Location of City of Bloomington, Indiana
Location in Monroe County
County Monroe
Mayor Mark Kruzan (D)
51.6 km²
51.1 km²
0.5 km²
  –Total (2010)
  –Population density
192,714 (metropolitan area)
80,405 (city proper)
Time zone
  –Summer (DST)
39°10.025' N
86°32.070' W
Official website: City of Bloomington
Kirkwood Avenue as seen from the Sample Gates at IU

Bloomington is a diverse city in south central Indiana. Located about 50 miles southwest of Indianapolis, it is the county seat of Monroe County, anchor of the Bloomington Metro Area, home of Indiana University, the Kinsey Institute and of Cook Group.

With a year-round population of about 80,000 people. Bloomington is the 6th largest city in the State of Indiana by city population and is the 5th most populated region of Indiana. Bloomington boasts generous green spaces as well as a well developed Downtown area.

Surrounded by lush forests and rolling hills, there are a number of excursions that residents can visit on day or weekend trips. Bloomington has been named a Tree City for more than 20 years and is enjoyed by its residents and visitors for its beautiful scenery and parks. 100 Important Things To Know About Bloomington is a good article to get people up to speed about Bloomington.



The region surrounding Bloomington started to become populated around 1818, only 2 years after Indiana became a state. The area was first seen by Col. John Ketcham and Dr. David Maxwell as Rangers led Indian raids in the area. In 1820, with the cooperation of the First Presbyterian Church, the State of Indiana founded the State Seminary School which was renamed Indiana University in 1838. Much of Bloomington has been based around IU over its almost 200 year history. The city also became a center for the limestone trade, and in recent years the center for medical companies such as Cook Group.

Major Events

Major events in Bloomington include the Lotus World Music and Arts Festival, an annual celebration of multiculturalism in Bloomington; The Little 500, which is known as the premier intramural collegiate cycling event in the nation; the 4th Street Art Festival, a three-day festival of more than 100 regional artisans; the Hilly Hundred, a three day bicycle race.



The first businesses in Bloomington were heavily based around supporting the state-run school. These businesses included a smithery, tanner and coal facility. In the mid 1800s the Showers Brothers created a large furniture manufacturing industry, and at one point had the largest furniture manufacturing facility in the world. This building is now called Showers Plaza.


Bloomington is now the home to over 1000 businesses, large and small. The limestone industry is centered just south of Bloomington in the town of Bedford, however Bloomington and Ellettsville host the Indiana Limestone Sculpture Symposium as an annual event.


Bloomington has always been known for its diversity as it hosts students and residents hailing from 130 different countries who speak over 40 different languages. Bloomington has established relationships with three sister cities.


Although much of the city's entertainment is based around IU, Bloomington is a regional center for cultural events, concerts, dining, tourism, sporting events, museums and much more. Bloomington has also had its fair share of famous residents. Bloomington also boasts many opportunities to view public art in the form of statues, murals and even graffiti. Bloomington also has a locally produced glossy magazine, Bloom Magazine is a bi-monthly publication covering local interests and events.

Cinema and moviemaking


Local Music

Bloomington plays host to a variety of bands and other musical acts, including (but not limited to): Bloomington POPS, Dusty Fittens, Early Day Miners, The Scraps, Fiddle 'n' Feet, Flattus, Johnny Socko, Double-E, the Southern Indiana Wind Ensemble, and many more. Many nationally touring bands come through Bloomington, with Secretly Canadian records helping draw a vibrant mix of independent bands and the Lotus Festival drawing international artists.

Poetry Series in Bloomington



Besides the prestigious Indiana University, there are many other schools in Bloomington both for children and adults. Ivy Tech has a large campus on the west side of Bloomington offering vocational and technology training. The Waldron Arts Center provides art classes open to anyone.

The local public schools are administered by MCCSC (Monroe County Community School Corporation). Bloomington and its surroundings boast two traditional and one alternative high schools, three middle schools, and 14 elementary schools (complete schools listing). There are also various adult and vocational programs available.

Indiana Holistic Health Network - provides a Directory of Educational Resources in Bloomington and the state.

Green Dove Network provides links to peace education resources, celebrations and image and word peace education arts.

Awards and other mentions

  • Bloomington made the National Geographic Top 50 Adventure Towns for 2007
  • Books that reference Bloomington either specifically or in passing
  • Bloomington has the distinction of being the only city in the nation to ever contain the mean center of the U.S. population census within its city limits. [1]

Government and Politics

Local government

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Radio Stations

Television Stations

  • CATS - Local Cable channel 3, 12 and 14
  • WTIU - Indiana University Television


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Parents & Families


Listing of city parks and other recreational areas maintained by the city Parks and Recreation Department. The Excursions Category article is also a good reference for recreational opportunities.

Public Parks

Religious Resources




Roads and topology as well as Construction Projects currently going on.


Bloomington is situated in an area of hills and valleys. The area is rich in limestone deposits and karst features.

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