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Bloomingpedia:This week's featured article/2007 Week 44

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Monroe County Civic Theater, a not-for-profit community theater, aims to bring quality theater to Monroe County and surrounding areas and to provide experience in all aspects of theater production to all interested persons. The curtain rose on MCCT's first production on September 12th, 1986. 2007 is their twenty-first season, which began with their ninety-ninth production.

MCCT's 20th Anniversary Logo

They have presented plays from many centuries; from Greek and Medieval plays to modern times, including Shakespeare, Molière, Racine, Tom Taylor, Gilbert and Sullivan, Checkov, Shaw, Wilde, Ibsen, Coward, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Sondheim, Bram Stoker, and ten children's plays.

They have performed at the Waldron Arts Center, the Bloomington Playwrights Project, Harmony School (outdoors and indoors), Karst Farm Park, the Monroe County Public Library auditorium, the Monroe County Historical Society Museum, Rhino's All-Ages Music Club, the Irish Lion, and various schools and health care centers in Monroe County, and have recently branched out to perform in Spencer as well.

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