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Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby

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Flatliners working hard at the last home bout of the 2007 season-Banshee Brawl

The 2014 Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby league consists of three teams, the Flatliners (in their eighth season), the Code Blue Assassins (in their fifth season), and the Poison IVs (in their third season). These teams play locally, throughout the Midwest, and even nationally, with recent trips to New York City, New Orleans, and Pittsburgh. In early 2009, BHRD was thrilled to become a member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), making us eligible for regional and national tournament play and ranking.

Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby bouts at Frank Southern Ice Arena, 1965 S Henderson St, Bloomington, IN 47401.

For information on our schedule and tickets please visit our website.


Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby was founded in Bloomington by Molly McFracture and Truly F. Obvious in 2006 under the original name Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls. The league changed the name in 2014 to Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby to more accurately reflect the people that make up the league. They have called Eagles Landing Mall, Western Skateland, and Bloomington Sportsplex home for practices. They currently practice in a warehouse provided by D&F Warehouses. They have also bouted at Twin Lakes Recreational center. Currently they bout at Frank Southern Ice Arena.

In previous years there were also "home teams" named the Farm Fatales and the Slaughter Scouts.


2011 League

  • Terror d’Bits (Flatliners Co-captain)
  • Pele’s Melee (Flatliners Co-captain)
  • Betty Wreckognize (CBA Co-captain)
  • Vengeance Anya (CBA Co-captain)
  • Assassinatrix
  • Badd Mudda Trucka
  • Bobbi McGuillotine
  • Bombshell Shock
  • Dr. Elliot Bleed
  • Felanie Charges
  • Gams Slam
  • Hardcore Heartbreaker
  • Hell-No Kitty
  • Jalapeno Grill
  • Kaka Caliente
  • Killer Kindness
  • Knitty Gritty
  • Knock’r Down
  • Kung Furious
  • Lotta Trouble
  • Magnum Stinkeye
  • Megabyte
  • Naylor Coffenshutt
  • Nuck L. Sammie
  • Raven Furies
  • Roxy Shox
  • Sadie Macdeath
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Sesame Streetwalker
  • Shifty McGee
  • Shock ‘n Roll
  • Snide Piper
  • Spools of Dread
  • Thigh Candy
  • Tijuana Momma
  • Truly F Obvious
  • Uh Huh Hurricane
  • ValHowler
  • Zero Dark

Your 2009 Flatliners

Your 2009 Code Blue Assassins

Your 2009 Farm Fatales

Your 2009 Slaughter Scouts


Trackside Support Crew

Stat Crew

Production Support Crew

Rink Rats


In the 2007 Fourth of July parade


  • March 21st - Away – Flatliners v. Grand Raggidy A Team
  • April 25th - Away - Flatliners v. Derby City
  • May 30th – Home – Code Blue Assassins v. Circle City Socialites; Flatliners v. Rockford Rage
  • June 13th – Away - Code Blue Assassins v. Rollergirls of Southern Indiana (ROSI); Flatliners v. ROSI
  • July 11th - Home - Code Blue Assassins v. Black-n-Bluegrass; Flatliners v. Black-n-Bluegrass
  • July 25th – Away - Code Blue Assassins v. Demolition City; Flatliners v. Demolition City
  • August 15th – Home – Farm Fatales v. Slaughter Scouts
  • August 22nd – Away - Flatliners v. COMO Derby Dames
  • September 12th – Home - Farm Fatales v. Slaughter Scouts
  • October 10th – Home - Farm Fatales v. Slaughter Scouts
  • November; date TBA – Away – Flatliners v. Naptown Rollergirls



  • On WTHI TV {{#ev:youtube|KZidml4wCzA}}
  • On public access television {{#ev:youtube|OKu978LaplA}}
  • Compilation of the 2007 season by Sir Loin (for Rollerball 2008) {{#ev:youtube|dPF6P2zyZYE}}
  • From the August 4th, 2007 Bout {{#ev:youtube|9EOF32e7f3c}}
  • At the 2008 Pride Film Festival {{#ev:youtube|zFe56e0u-9o}}

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