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Aurora Alternative

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524 N Fairview Street
Bloomington, IN 47404

About Aurora

Aurora is an alternative high school located across the street from Ninth Street Park. According to the Aurora High School website: "The mission of Aurora Alternative High School is to provide an opportunity for students previously unsuccessful in traditional schools to earn a high school diploma in a positive learning environment." This school is a place that has a very safe environment and everyone fits in. Our school policy is that everyone does their part. Students and staff strive to create a tolerant environment where everyone has an attitude of mutual respect.

School History

In the summer of 1994, Chuck Holloway was hired to create an alternative school for MCCSC. There were five goals that the school was expected to meet. The objectives were to get classes started, to create a sense of community among the students, to establish a set of rules and policies, to prove the school's worth to the community, and to have a safe and positive learning environment for the students. Classes began on October 2, 1995. At first, there were only about 40 students, and the first couple months were very difficult. However the school continued to thrive, and has grown considerably since then.

Originally, the school was located at the Boys and Girls Club on Lincoln Street. After a few months at the club, the school moved to what is now the Teen Learning Center. In 1997 Cummins News Company shut down; the building was purchased and converted to the school where classes are attended today.

School Accomplishments

Among other things, we help the community by

having an ongoing food drive; donating our food to Hoosier Hills Food Drive,
helping to build houses for families through the Habitat for Humanity program,
participating in charity services like Pennies for Peace and Pennies for Patients.


Chuck Holloway - Principal
Sharisa Pfeiffer - Health Aide
Karol Magyar - Nurse
Pat Shier - Secretary
Ryan Gudal - Teacher Aide
Shane Tague - Custodian
Lisa Autry - Social Worker
Donyel Byrd - Stay in School Coordinator
Barb Curry - Science Teacher
Sarah Erb - English Teacher
Tim Fick - Social Studies/History Teacher
Erin Hesselbach - Health/P.E.
Lauren Latta - Art
Phil Knieriemen - Math Teacher
Crystal Mechinus - Science
Becky Rupert - English Teacher
Lisa Thompson - Nova Net Coordinator/Reconnecting Youth Teacher

Thoughts of the School from People in Bloomington

Aurora is thought by some in Bloomington to be a school for "bad kids." In actuality, it is a school for students who have had a hard time in a traditional setting; it is also a school of choice. With smaller classes and more help from teachers, students learn more and have a better understanding of the material.

Aurora Homepage

Pennies for Patients
School and Youth

Pennies for Peace