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American Crow

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The American Crow is a species of bird. It is classified in the family Corvidae, and its scientific name is Corvus brachyrhynchos.


American Crows are rather large birds, the size of a small hawk such as a Cooper's Hawk. Their feathers are all glossy black, though some individuals may show leucistic characteristics or stray pale down feathers. They also have large, strong feet and beaks.


Usually the only crow species in the Bloomington area, American Crows are conspicuous, gregarious, and present year-round. They might technically be considered "uncommon" in the municipal area, but they often occur in groups, and may be seen anywhere. They fly with powerful wingbeats and can sometimes be heard cawing harshly. Occasionally, they walk on lawns, looking for insects or fruits.

Crows may also become minor pests to humans. For example, on more than one occasion, they have invaded Dunn Woods, making a din and leaving droppings on sidewalks.

They often spend the night in communal roosts - several birds will perch in the same tree, often in someone's yard, and leave the next day (such roosts are rarely reused by the crows).

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