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Agency for Instructional Technology

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The Agency for Instruction Technology, also called AIT, is a not for profit company that has been distributing and developing educational media since 1962. It is one of the largest providers of educational television in North America and has won Peabody and Emmy awards for some of their programming. They also develop educational websites, CDs, DVDs and software. Their products reach over 30 million students a year.

Their offices are located at 1800 N Stonelake Dr. in Bloomington, which is the big building off the north side of SR 46 with the AIT logo on it.

They were previously called National Instructional Television Library, National Instructional Television Center in 1968 and the Agency for Instructional Television in 1973. The agency used to be closely related to National Education Television (NET) in New York City, but they split and it relocated to Bloomington in 1965.

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