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ABB Power T&D

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ABB is a multi-national corporation specializing in power and automation technologies. They had a factory in Bloomington located on Curry Pike which was part of the Protective Equipment Division and the Distribution Automation Equipment Division. This is the former site of Westinghouse.

The sign out front read:

Power T & D Company, Inc.
Protective Equipment Division
Distribution Automation Equipment Division


PCBs where dumped at this factory.


The building was completely demolished except for the concrete floor. They have kept the fencing around the building up, presumably to avoid liability for people trespassing and injuring themselves, although there are hazardous materials in the area. Major demolition of the building started in October of 2006 and they finished destroying the building on November 16th, 2006.

Access train tracks used to run to the back of the building, then they had been abandoned. They used them again during the demolition to help haul materials out in hopper cars. Part of the metal debris off with OmniSource, a metal recycling company from Ft. Wayne. Another company involved was Brandenburg out of Chicago.