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4th Street

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4th Street houses many of Bloomington's finest local restaurants near the IU campus. In addition to dining and small businesses, 4th Street also hosts the annual 4th Street Art Festival at the end of Summer in Bloomington.

In terms of the actual road, it runs west to east in several segments. The main west-to-east segment starts at the entrance to Rose Hill Cemetery and continues east across Walnut Street until its terminus at Indiana Avenue. The first of three east side segments starts at Union Street and continues until ending at Jefferson Street. Another spur starts at the southern terminus of the northern portion of Roosevelt Street and runs for about 285 feet until it stops at Clark Street. Its last spur runs from east to west from a dead end until Hillsdale Drive for a span of 340 feet.

Restuarants on 4th Street (Downtown)

Businesses on 4th Street (Downtown)