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Years: 1896 1897 189818991900 1901 1902

Significant events from 1899.


  • 13th - The Faris Brothers sell their drug store to William F. Bowles, of Louisville, who planned to move to Bloomington.





  • 5th - James Aitkens, a local stonecutter, is struck and killed by a Monon train when he falls asleep too close to the tracks.
  • 6th - A fire starts in a room occupied jointly by the Bloomington Cabinet Works and the Zepo Tin Shop. Mr. Miller, owner of the building, and Mr. Pauley, who owned an undertaking office across the street, saw the fire and were able to put it out with damage amounting only to about $50.
  • 9th - A new billiard room with four tables opens to the public. It was run by Mr. Reeves of the City Cigar company.
  • 24th - A Mr. Morrison and two sons of Henry Myers are killed when a boiler at a sawmill three miles east of Paragon explodes.
  • 30th - George Wilson of Chicago opens a hotel in the former residence of Frank E. Worley, a home which had many large rooms, a spacious dining room, large halls, and running water.
  • Dr. Lou Hughes opens a dentistry office in the building of Thomas Heady.



  • Jeweler J. O. Howe is burned at his work bench when a nearby alcohol lamp explodes. Alone in the office, Mr. Howe applies some wet towels to his injuries and walks to the office of Dr. Lowder to receive medical attention.
  • Lightning strikes Dow Eller's barn 5 miles west of town, burning it down and causing $400 worth of damage.


Wood Wiles opens a drug store on the east side of The Square. Wiles, a former clerk at the O'Harrow Drug Store, bought the Norman Saloon for his place of business, and the newspapers expressed hope for an end to the "disgraceful carousing" at that location.


T. J. Dietz of Jeffersonville buys men's clothing store Axtell Brothers. He planned to move to Bloomington.